My Spiritual Journey

I am a natural born Psychic Medium, having spiritual awareness and experiences since I was a small child.  When I was 24 years old, an allergic reaction to medication led to a heart attack and a near death experience which intensified my intuitive abilities.  This was the catalyst that inspired me to seek out knowledge of my God-given gift and understand my divine purpose.   

In the beginning, I was drawn to tarot cards and although I never learned the traditional meanings of the cards, discovered that they were a tool by which information was given to me from Spirit. In 2001 I began using tarot cards to give spiritual guidance on matters of relationships, finances, legal issues, and much more, but this was not fulfilling me spiritually because I knew that I had a higher purpose.   Throughout the years, my readings became increasingly detailed and I frequently felt the presence of those in spirit bringing me their names, how they passed and specific details or evidence that I would relay to my clients.  I realized my readings were becoming mediumistic versus psychic and I knew I had to further educate myself on communicating with those in spirit.  In 2014 I started taking classes on Mediumship and trained with several highly respected Mediums.  Continual self-improvement and training enabled me to develop into a credible Evidential Medium, which is my true calling.  My passion is to be of the highest service to others by continually seeking knowledge and enhancing my communication link with Spirit so I may bring forth messages of love and healing to those seeking answers, comfort and closure.

?I have the highest respect for the gift I have been given and consider it a privilege to be a vessel of communication between the physical and spirit worlds. I am pleased to announce that I have been recognized by Forever Family Foundation as having successfully completed the Medium Evaluation Certification Process. The process is conducted under controlled conditions and evaluates the accuracy of information communicated by the Medium. The Certified Medium designation is prestigious and acknowledges proficiency in spirit communication through means that are neither deceptive or fraudulent. 

I look forward to reading you.